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The Sirius Minerals Foundation has given us a grant of £1,000 to help to buy club jackets for CLOK members.

If you have travelled to high-profile events such as the JK, the World Masters Orienteering Championships and the O-Ringen, you will have seen members of other clubs – particularly those from Scandinavia – wearing customised club jackets in the Assembly Areas.  This looks very smart, generates a sense of club identity and gives club members a real sense of belonging to a team.

The plan is to use the grant funding to enable CLOK members to buy customised club jackets at subsidised prices.

We have had discussions with two manufacturers – Noname and Oland Sports (formerly Siven) – who have offered to supply us with jackets at discounted prices, subject to minimum order numbers.

The jackets will be printed with a customised design in the CLOK club colours.  They will also include the Sirius Minerals logo in recognition of the grant support.

Next steps

1.   Livi Wright is working on a design for the jackets.
2. Sample jackets will be available at CLOK events between now and the CLOK Team Score event in January 2020.  This will give you a chance to see the jacket styles, materials, etc. and to check which size would be right for you.  See below for further information about the jackets on offer.
3. Once you've had a look at the sample jackets, please use this online form to submit your expression of interest.  Please note that:-
  • There's no commitment at this stage.
  • The form asks you to specify your first choice jacket and, in order of preference, which other jackets you'd be prepared to accept.
  • Subject to confirmation by the CLOK Committee, you will be able to buy two (or more!) jackets, but you'll only get the subsidy on one jacket.  If you're interested in buying more than one jacket, please contact Alastair Mackenzie (via 07966-312980) to let him know what you have in mind.
4. In early January 2020 we'll review the information from the expressions of interest and decide which jacket(s) to include in the final offer to CLOK members, taking account of minimum order numbers, etc.
5. In mid January 2020 there will be a short period – probably only a couple of weeks – when you can submit your order for a club jacket.  By that time, the design and the (subsidised) jacket prices will have been finalised.
6. Around the end of January 2020 we'll place the bulk order for the jackets.

The jackets

The following jackets are on the shortlist:-

Noname Training Jacket

Versatile jacket for training, casual wear and representation.  Elastic, light and comfortable micro stretch fabric with a durable water resistant (DWR) treatment.  The jacket has a modern regular fit, chest pocket and a hood with mesh lining to protect against rough weather.

Indicative price (after the grant subsidy)
Seniors:     £35
Juniors:     £20

Message from Noname

When selecting a jacket, please remember that while price is an important consideration, equally important is what you get for that price.  Noname takes pride in providing high quality clothing and is committed to giving something back to the British orienteering community by supporting individual runners and the GB national squad.  We also aim to maintain high ethical and environmental standards throughout our business.  So, Noname may not always be the cheapest option, but but we would suggest that, overall, our orienteering clothing represents excellent value for the price.

Noname training jacket

Unisex training jacket

Noname training jacket

Women's training jacket

Noname Exercise Jacket

Loose fitted jacket for light training and exercise.  Made of a dirt and water repellent – yet highly breathable – micro fabric with elastic inserts for maximum comfort and freedom of movement.  The jacket has two hand pockets, a ventilation flap on the back for improved breathability, and several reflectors for safe training in low light conditions.

Indicative price (after the grant subsidy)
Seniors:     £35
Juniors:     £20

Noname exercise jacket

Unisex exercise jacket

Noname exercise jacket

Women's exercise jacket

Oland Sports Training Jacket

The training jacket is light and breathable – perfect for training, running or representative purposes.  It's breathable and it has good ventilation due to the ventilation holes in the back.  There are convenient zippered pockets in front.

Indicative price (after the grant subsidy)
Seniors:     £10
Juniors:      Free

Message from Oland Sport

We at Oland rely on quality and interesting design for each team we work for.  We work with teams from more than 30 countries and we are correct and we respect the deadlines.

Oland training jacket

Oland Sports Softshell Jacket

Three-layer softshell fabric.  The outer layer shields from rain.  The middle layer – a polyester membrane – gives additional protection, while its perforated surface carries out the sweat perfectly.  The inner layer is a knitted material that keeps the wearer warm.

Indicative price (after the grant subsidy)
Seniors:     £20
Juniors:       £5

Oland softshell jacket


If you have any questions or suggestions please contact Caroline Mackenzie via 07973-870529.

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