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Mark Davies

Mark Davis has been appointed as CLOK's Schools Development Officer.

A message from the CLOK Chair

I'm really pleased that Mark has agreed to be our new Schools Development Officer (SDO).  His orienteering experience and his impressive army career have given him all the skills and expertise needed to encourage children across Teesside to enjoy our adventure sport ...... and his experience as a Warrant Officer (Class One) may come in useful in some of our area's more 'challenging' schools.

It's clear that Mark will bring a huge depth of varied experiences to bear on delivery of the SDO contract, and we can look forward to many more families wanting to take up orienteering once he has the kids hooked.

I'm looking forward to working with Mark, and I know that other CLOK members will also welcome and support him.

Caroline Mackenzie
CLOK Chair

Now over to Mark to introduce himself:-

I joined the British Army in 1986 and was trained at the Junior Leaders Regiment Royal Artillery in Bramcote.  After completing my training, I went on to serve for 37 years in the Royal Artillery, completing operational tours in Iraq, Northern Ireland, Bosnia and Kosovo, Canada and Germany.  In 2010 I was selected to become an Officer, subsequently reaching the rank of Major.  I retired from the Army at the end of July 2023.

I'm married and have three children.  I'm a Bath Rugby Union fan, enjoy orienteering and scuba diving, and am also a parent govenor at my daughter's school.

I'm a UKCC L2 coach and OCAD mapper, and recently graduated with an Honours degree in Education and Professional Development.  I'm very passionate about the potential for orienteering to enhance and support students and staff in a school environment.

I'm very pleased to have this opportunity to work with CLOK and give something back to the orienteering community.  In particular, I'm looking forward to working with local schools, helping the pupils to learn a new skill and assisting in their personal development.

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