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Smith Connor 

Connor Smith has been appointed as CLOK's Schools Development Officer.

A message from the CLOK Chair

I'm very pleased to welcome Connor Smith as CLOK's new Schools Development Officer.  Once the Covid restrictions are relaxed sufficiently, his first objective will be to revive and expand our schools orienteering programme.  I'm sure the kids across our area will enjoy the opportunity to participate in the Schools Orienteering Leagues again, and that CLOK members will respond enthusiastically when Connor asks for volunteers to help with running the schools orienteering events and other schools activities.

Appointing him now will make it possible for Mike Hardy to give Connor a good hand-over before Mike moves away to the northern Lake District this summer.  Picking Mike's brain and getting an introduction to important contacts (and, of course, the contents of Mike's garage!) will help Connor to hit the ground running ...... and, as is important in orienteering, running in the right direction!

We wish Connor every success in this key role for our Klub.

Caroline Mackenzie CLOK Chair

Now over to Connor to introduce himself:-

I'm excited to take on the job as CLOK's Schools Development Officer.  I chose to take on this important job because I am passionate about the schools orienteering system and believe I can help improve on the great work CLOK has already done.  This job gained my interest because it combines all my skills and passions and was therefore a perfect fit for me.  The goal is to engage as many schools as possible across the CLOK area and set up a successful and sustainable schools league that will attract schools and students from all over the area.  The other goals going forward are to improve publicity of the club in schools and at schools events to give more information to those taking part about CLOK as a club and its orienteering activities outside of a schools setting.

I have been orienteering since year 7 and it was the Cheshire and Merseyside schools league run by Deeside that got me into orienteering in the first place, so I have first hand experience of what competing in a schools league is like and how it can be improved.

I joined Deeside Orienteering Club in year 10 and started to compete in competitions such as the JK, British Champs and CompassSport Cup, this totally changed my view of orienteering as the navigation suddenly got a lot harder when taken out of the park and into a forest in the middle of nowhere, but I really enjoyed the challenge and I was excited to get stuck into the sport more and more.  A year after being a member of Deeside I joined the North West Junior Squad where my orienteering skills greatly improved thanks to their monthly training weekends in the Lake District.  I now live in Sheffield and am a member of EPOC and have spent my student years orienteering with ShUOC and running in the Peak District.  Moving to Sheffield gave me the opportunity to give fell running and trail running more of a try and I found a passion for long distance trail running events and ultra marathons.  I now run several ultra marathons a year and have had the fortune of podiuming on a couple of occasions and receiving a few sponsorships.  I look forward to getting stuck into this job as Schools Development Officer and look forward to meeting everyone in the club at future events.

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