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Note from the webmaster

The CLOK Committee has agreed that it is time to switch to using one of the commercial online entry systems.  Entries for future CLOK events – starting with the Short Orienteering event in the historic Blackwell Urban Parkland on Saturday 5‑Mar‑2022 and CLOK's Acorn Event at Boltby on Sunday 20‑Mar‑2022 – will be via Racesignup.

I'm now in the process of winding up the CLOK Entry System, so I won't be issuing any more user IDs.

Please log in to your CLOK Entry System account to see your outstanding balance and how to make a payment to settle your account.  If you have a credit balance, you'll be able to decide to (a) transfer it to a Racesignup account, (b) get a repayment by bank transfer or (c) donate it to the Orienteering Foundation

Some historical notes on the CLOK Entry System

This online entry system was set up at the end of the first Covid-19 lockdown to enable us to organise orienteering events in a way that minimised the risk of spreading Covid-19.  In particular, we needed to avoid:-

The online entry system addressed these issues by:-

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Alastair Mackenzie.

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