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CLOK club jackets are available.  See below for details.

Orienteering tops and sprint vests are also available.  Follow the link for details.

There are two types of jacket – Noname Training jackets and Oland Sport Softshell jackets.

As of January 2021:

As a reminder, the subsidised prices are:-

Jacket   Juniors     Seniors  
Noname Training Jacket £18 £33
Oland Sport Softshell Jacket     £12 £27

and the unsubsidised prices are:-

Jacket   Price  
Noname Training Jacket £53
Oland Sport Softshell Jacket     £47

See below for photos of the jackets.

Noname jacket – Front

Noname Training Jacket – Front

Oland jacket – Front

Oland Sport Softshell Jacket – Front

Noname jacket – Back

Noname Training Jacket – Back

Oland jacket – Back

Oland Sport Softshell Jacket – Back

Roseberry Topping silhouette on the Oland jackets
Original silhouette

Original silhouette

Oland jacket – Corrected silhouette

Corrected silhouette

Some history:


If you have any questions please contact Caroline Mackenzie via 07973-870529.

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