Northern Navigators Orienteering Club

You can use this form to request an account with the NN Entry System.

Email address:  
Phone number:
BOF number:

1.  If you already have an account with the CLOK Entry System then the same User ID and password will work with the NN Entry System.
2.  Your BOF number will be used to carry out an identity check.  If you don't have a BOF number we'll contact you to make other arrangements.
3. Please specify the password you would like to use for the NN Entry System.  Passwords are case sensitive and can include letters, numbers and the following special characters: $ ! + = ? #
4. It is suggested that you do not submit this form via a public WIFI system, as it would theoretically be possible for someone to intercept your password.
5. Your name, email address and phone number will be stored in a file on the CLOK web server for a short period of time.  When your request is processed they will be transferred to the CLOK webmaster's computer and deleted from the web server.  The NN Entry System will not store – or even ask for – any credit card or bank details.
6. Once your request has been processed, you will be sent an email with your user ID.  Please allow a couple of days.
6. If you have any problems with this facility then contact the CLOK webmaster.