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A date for your diary!

Covid-19 and Forestry England allowing, CLOK is planning to put on a "definitely not the JK" Acorn Weekend of events in the Whitby area over Easter 2021.  The idea is to use some of the areas, maps and planning that would have been used for the 2020 JK.

The plan is that the weekend will include:-

Saturday 3-Apr-2021    A Middle Distance National Event in Sneaton West
Sunday 4-Apr-2021 A Classic Distance Regional Event in Pickering Forest

There are obviously many uncertainties at this stage – in particular, what happens to Covid-related travel restrictions over the next four months and whether and when Forestry England will be able to give permission for relatively large events in their forests.  However, we now have well-established processes for organising "Covid secure" orienteering events and, particularly as there isn't going to be a JK next year, we think it's worth a try.  Let's hope that there's sufficient progress with vaccination and rapid testing programmes for people to be allowed to travel and for Forestry England to give us access permissions.

Anyway, put the date in your diary and keep an eye on this web site and Tchimes for futher updates.

Caroline Mackenzie
CLOK Chair

Acorn events

The Acorn is CLOK's premier Regional or National Event each year.  The Acorn events use our best areas, with top class maps and our most experienced planners.

The Acorn is the symbol of the Cleveland Way, which runs through – or close to – some of our best orienteering areas.

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