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Sprint event at Stockton Riverside

Saturday 24-Apr-2021

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This event has had to be postponed because all the members of Stockton Borough Council's Events Team have been re-allocated to other urgent work during the Covid-19 pandemic and the Council is therefore unable to grant permission for the event at the moment.

There's no indication that the Council has concerns about the event.  It's just that no-one is available to read the risk assessment and make a decision about granting permission for the event to take place.

The plan is to re-schedule the event to Saturday 29-May-2021.  Further details will be published on the CLOK web site within the next few weeks.

All the entries for 24-Apr-2020 are being cancelled and the entry fees will be removed from the relevant CLOK Entry System accounts.

We're sorry that this event can't go ahead in April, and we hope that you'll be able to come along to the re-scheduled event and enjoy tackling some of the courses that were originally planned for the 2020 JK Sprint event.

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