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Middle Distance event in Coatham Wood

Sunday 18-Oct-2020

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A Middle Distance orienteering event in Coatham Wood, south of the A66 between Stockton and Darlington.

We have had to CANCEL this event.  There were two issues that, unfortunately, were insurmountable.

First, Forestry England imposed a limit of 30 participants (including the organising team).  We were exploring the possibility of splitting the event into two separate events on different days – e.g. one event with Blue, Short Green, Orange and Yellow courses and a separate event with Green, Orange and Yellow courses – but then we found that British Orienteering and Forestry England have signed an new contract under which the access fee for an event with up to 100 competitors is £105 ..... and it looks as if there's also a £100 administration charge for small events.

Together, that would mean that the Forestry England charges for using Coatham Woood for the event would have been at least £6.83 per competitor.  Even if the administration charge isn't additional to the access fee, we'd still be facing a cost of at least £3.50 per competitor.  The only options appeared to be charging a significantly higher entry fee – e.g. around £14 rather than £7.50 – and/or running the event at a substantial financial loss.  Neither of these were considered viable, and in the light of the considerable uncertainties in the situation – including the extent of the increase in the access costs, whether Forestry England would allow us to split the event into two separate events, the risk of additional Covid-19 restrictions being imposed in the local area and a possible £100 cancellation charge – we have decided to cancel the event.

For further information follow the links below.

  • Flyer
  • Results (not yet available)
  • Split times (not yet available)
  • RouteGadget (not yet available)

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