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Regional Event on Graystone Moor

Sunday 9-Aug-2020

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A Regional Orienteering Event on Graystone Moor, south of Whitby.

This is the second event in CLOK's August Double Header.  The Saturday event is a Middle Distance Regional Event on Standing Stones Rigg.

For further information follow the links below.

Update at 8:30 p.m. on Thursday 6-Aug-2020

All the start blocks are now full, so no more entries can be accepted.  (This is despite the start interval being extended from 2½ hours to 3½ hours.)  If you were hoping to get a late entry for this event, sorry!

If you have an entry for this event, please read this important information.

  • Results (not yet available)
  • Split times (not yet available)
  • RouteGadget (not yet available)

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