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Coate Moor

Planner's Comments

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Planner's comments

Planning on Coate Moor was a challenge.  Fortunately, having the car parking at the east side of the area gave me the opportunity to get all the technical courses on the SE slope, which is by far the best section of the map.

It was inevitable that some legs would be either long track runs or tough brambles (or both).  Even the southern-most area with a lot of contour detail is now being over-run with the brambles.  Keeping the 'climb' within the recommended guidelines was difficult.

Thanks to Phil Batts for controlling and giving me good advice on some of the courses and control sites.  We were aware that the map around control 215 was not exactly correct.  I hope it didn't spoil anyone's run too much.

Thanks to Paul Taylor for the numerous small map updates I sent him over recent weeks.

Thanks to the control collectors: Paul and Wendy Taylor, Rob Bailey, Isla Mathieson and Mick Garrett.

Extra special thanks to Jonny Hooton, who helped me all weekend, putting out controls on Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday and sorting out the equipment before and after the event.

Thanks also to Peter and Marion Archer, who organised the event very efficiently.

This was my first event for CLOK as a Planner and it was one I have always wanted to do.  The map here shows Coate Moor back in 1972 and it was the area I did my first orienteering event on.  For those who are relatively new to the sport it shows how fortunate we are with the colourful detailed maps that we use present day.  You can see three controls sites from then that I used at the weekend.  If you ran at the weekend, try plotting your course on this map!

Dennis Hooton