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Organiser's Comments

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Organiser's comments

Well done to Joan Selby and Mike Hardy for getting the complex permissions to hold the event, and for arranging that we could go into the forest at the Kildale end to park cars.  This meant that we would not need to park at Gribdale Gate, which is well used by the general public, and it also gave the Planner the opportunity to take more runners into the technical southern slope.

I had two concerns in the days before the event: snow/ice and high winds.  As I approached the area early on Sunday morning, the temperature was below freezing, but the strong winds had dried the roads and the steep hill up to the area was OK.  The next piece of good news was that the toilet had not blown over!  The wind speed had dropped overnight, and it was a beautiful sunny morning.  Once the helpers started to arrive, they got on with things with their usual efficiency and everything seemed to run like CLOKwork.

Peter Archer