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Cleveland Orienteering Klub

Training Event on Coate Moor

on Sunday 4th June 2017

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This training session replaces the colour coded event, which has been cancelled.

It is open to anyone who wants to come along.


Access to parking and the Start / Finish area is off the minor road between Lonsdale Farm and Kildale at grid reference NZ 605104.  The nearest postcode is YO21 2RT, but please note that this is about half a mile south of the turn-off to the parking area.

Click on the link to see a map.  You can zoom in (and, optionally, switch to Satellite mode) to see the details of the final approach to the event.  You can also get directions.

You can access the minor road from Lonsdale farm to Kildale from either direction; i.e. from the north via Great Ayton Station and Dykes Lane or from the south via Kildale.

Pass through the gate shown on by the red rectangle on the map segment below, and park along the forestry commission road.  Then walk along the Cleveland Way (shown as purple diamonds on the map segment) to the meeting point at the red triangle.

There will always be someone at the Start / Finish, so bags / jackets / drinks can be left there.

Route to the Start / Finish area

Notification: If you're planning to come to this Training Day, please use the on-line notification system to let the Lead Coach know, particularly if you're bringing a group.  This will enable the Lead Coach to arrange to print the appropriate numbers of maps.  (A limited number of maps will be available for people who turn up on the day without giving advance notice, and we can recycle maps if many more people turn up.)
Format: The coaching at this event is aimed at all levels of ability, from beginners to Green standard and above.  A number of different exercises will be available, covering many of the navigational skills required by orienteers.  Each participant can choose the exercises that suit them, and can complete them at their own pace.

Exercises can be started anytime between 10 a.m. and 12 noon.

The training courses will be open until about 12:30 p.m. (or until everyone is finished with them).

Anyone wishing to get a bit more exercise / training will be very welcome to assist with collecting the controls.

Facilities: Please note that there will be no toilets at this session.  The nearest public conveniences are at Kildale Station (see the bottom right-hand corner of the map segment) and off the high street in Great Ayton.

Please remember to sign the safety check before going out on each exercise and on returning from each exercise.  This lets us know who is still out in the terrain.

Drivers can leave car keys with the Lead Coach in the Start / Finish area.

CLOK recommends that you carry a whistle whilst participating in this (and every) orienteering event.

Please remember that competitors take part at their own risk.  Orienteering is an adventure sport – your safety while orienteering is your own responsibility.

Cost: Seniors:  £2
Juniors / full time students / unwaged:  £1
Lead Coach: Neil Hunter     Tel: 01287-634447 or 07785-927146

You can use this link to go to the CLOK home page.