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The CLOK League

The CLOK League provides a chance to measure your performances against your peers in the club.  League points are awarded at a selection of events chosen each calendar year.  Follow this link to see the rules for awarding league points.  For 2016 each competitor's overall score is the sum of his or her best four results from the six events.

Final League Tables for 2016

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League Trophies

Trophies are awarded at the CLOK dinner in the Spring for the highest scorers over the whole league in each of the following classes:

CLOK Club Championships

CLOK also has a Club Championships which is contested at the Acorn event in the Spring (or an equivalent event held by CLOK at that time of year; e.g. the Northern Orienteering Championships in 2016, and the CompassSport Cup heat in 2017).  Trophies for the male and female champions are awarded for the best performance of any CLOK member of any age running in an E/A/L class (but not B/S classes).

Follow this link for a list of previous winners of the CLOK trophies.

For those wanting to compete in events slightly further afield, follow this link for details of the North East Orienteering League and the North East Urban League, which are based on the higher quality events organised by CLOK, NN and NATO.

CLOK League – Events
14-Feb-2016     Hutton Mulgrave & Skelder
6-Mar-2016 Hutton Lowcross
17-Apr-2016 Mulgrave Woods
15-May-2016 Silton Forest
4-Sep-2016 South Gare
11-Dec-2016 Fylingdales

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