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Military League North

Online Pre-Registration System

Pre-registration for the Military League North event at Flatts Lane Country Park on Wednesday 13th March 2019.

Unit:       Password:      

If you do not have a password – or to put in top-up entries – you can

Civilians: Please click on the Enter as a guest button.
Military unit entry co-ordinators: If you have a password, select your unit name, enter your password and click on the Log in button.  The system will pre-populate the entry form with your nominated list of competitors.  See below for further notes on how the system works.

If you have any problems with this on-line entry facility then contact the CLOK webmaster.

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Additional notes for military unit entry co-ordinators
1.  The only difference between logging in and entering as a guest is that if you log in the system will remember your list of competitors and pre-populate the entry form.  This is intended to make life a bit easier for you.
2.  Logging in is entirely optional.  You can use the Enter as a guest option if you wish.
3.  If anyone on your list is not running in the current event, just select No run as their course.  The system will not include them in your entry for this event, but will continue to remember them for future events.
4.  If you want to delete someone from your list of competitors, simply delete their surname in the entry form.
5.  Any corrections that you make to a competitor's name will be remembered for future events.
6.  Once you've submitted your main batch of entries for an event, please use the Enter as a guest option for any additional entries.  (If you log in you'll end up duplicating the entries you've already submitted.)
7.  Please let me know about any issues, and please be patient if the system has some teething problems.  I'll get them resolved as soon as I can.
Alastair Mackenzie
CLOK Webmaster