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CLOK Training Days 2015

Training / coaching sessions to improve your orienteering technique for the coming season.

These sessions are primarily put on for CLOK members, but members from other clubs are also welcome.

Please re-check all details on the CLOK web site during the week prior to each event before travelling.

If you are intending to come along to a Training Day, please use the on-line notification system to let the Lead Coach know.  This is particularly important if you are bringing a group.  The idea is to enable the Lead Coach to arrange to print the appropriate numbers of maps.  (A limited number of maps will be available for people who turn up on the day without giving advance notice, and we can recycle maps if many more people turn up.)

Dates and Venues

Saturday 17-Jan-2015     Newton Hanzard
Saturday 14-Feb-2015 Birk Brow
Saturday 14-Mar-2015 Live Moor Plantation, near Swainby
Saturday 11-Apr-2015 Skelder Plantation, west of Whitby


The format will vary from one training day to another, but typically there will be 3-4 short loops of controls (e.g. 1-2 km) focusing on different orienteering techniques (e.g. attack points, compass, contours, distance judgement, etc.).

You can do as much or as little as you like.

One or more coaches will be on hand to explain the purposes of the exercises, to provide guidance beforehand and to discuss and analyse how you did on each exercise.  Alternatively, you can just treat the exercises as 'training' without any coaching advice.

Most exercises will be aimed at TD4/5 orienteers (Light Green / Green standard), although they will also be appropriate for those just moving up from TD3 (Orange standard).

Timings and Start / Finish arrangements

Each session will start at 10 a.m.  Please aim to be there at that time, so that the lead coach can brief everyone on the exercises.

The exercises will be open until around 12 noon (but may close earlier if everyone is finished – so please aim to turn up at the start).

The Start and Finish will be close together, but may be a short walk from the parking area, in which case there will be a small shelter for your spare clothing, drinks bottles, etc. in the Start / Finish area.


There will only be simple facilities at the event.  The focus will be on improving your orienteering technique rather than providing all the trimmings of a regular event!


Seniors:  £2
Juniors / full time students / unwaged:  £1

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