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Level C event at
Boltby Forest and Dale Town Moor

Sunday 10-Nov-2013

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A local (Level C) event at Boltby Forest and Dale Town Moor, which are in the south-west corner of the North York Moors, north-east of Thirsk.

Follow this link for information about the North East Night Orienteering Championships at Boltby Forest & Dale Town Moor the previous evening.

For further information follow the links below.

  • Many thanks to all who contributed to
    the NEJS cake and soup stall during the
    weekend events at Boltby.  To those who
    made soup, savouries and cakes to sell
    and to those who kindly consumed them,
    we are very grateful.  We made 128 for
    NEJS funds, which will be used to offset
    the cost of two training weekends in
    March 2014.  Many thanks.

    Neil & Clare Hunter

  • You can use this link to see a list of the latest routes for this event.
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