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Welcome to the CLOK web site, which contains information for orienteers – and potential new orienteers – in the Cleveland area.

Latest News
Follow this link for the results from the Summer Series evening event at Hutton Lowcross on Tuesday 16‑May‑2017.
Follow this link for the results from the event in Sneaton Forest on Sunday 14‑May‑2017.
The next Summer Series evening event will take place at Pinchinthorpe, near Guisborough, on Tuesday 30‑May‑2017.  Follow the links for details.
The Regional Event that was going to take place at Coate Moor on Sunday 4‑Jun‑2017 has been cancelled.  In its place, there will be a Training Event at Coate Moor.  Follow the link for details.
Members of civilian orienteering clubs are offered the opportunity to take part in a UKCC level 2 Coaching award course being organised by the British Army Orienteering Club (BAOC) at Catterick Garrison on 6th – 9th June 2017.  Futher information is available on the BAOC web site events page.
Follow this link for information about the CLOK League, including the latest league tables.
The Acorn Trophy (CLOK Championship) winners for 2017 are:-
>> Female:  Ann Cranke
>>Male:Aidan Rigby
You can get information about CLOK's events and other activities via CLOK's Facebook page.
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From the webmaster

One of my main aims is to make this web site a comprehensive source of information for Cleveland-based orienteers.  In particular, you should be able to find information (or links to information) about all the events that are likely to be of interest to orienteers living in the Cleveland area.  This includes our own CLOK events, of course, but it also includes (a) all other events within reasonable traveling distance and (b) major events -- like the JK, the Scottish 6-Days, etc. -- that are likely to be of interest to CLOK members.  With this in mind, if you find anything missing from the site then please let me know.

I set up RouteGadget in October 2006, so competitors at CLOK events can now view the course maps, enter their routes, view other competitors' routes and watch animations showing how they and their competitors progressed around the course.

If you have any views on which developments should be given priority, or if you have any other ideas for improvements to the web site, then please contact me.

Also, if you find any broken links or errors then please let me know.

Alastair Mackenzie
CLOK Webmaster
Email address: